First days in Santorini

We’re soon through our second day in Santorini. Well, the first real day, as we we were so exhausted after our flight yesterday, that we fell asleep the instant we got our room. By now we’ve managed to explore Fira and try out the pool at our hotel.

We landed at Thira Airport. A small airport, and Santorini’s only one. It was a simple white washed building, with only one baggage belt and the only thing reminding us of a tax free was a poster, advertising for duty free local beer.
Our first impression of the island is so far great. It’s such a picturesque and cute little island. It’s been a bit windy these days, however with 30 degrees celcius it’s much appreciated by us Norwegians. Our fragile viking skin is already sunburnt, despite the heavy amount of sunscreen.
The hotel we’re staying at, is in walking distance to Fira, the capital of Santorini. So when we woke up on the second day, we decided to skip the hotel breakfast and find ourself a café with a panoramic view of the caldera instead.

Honestly, we never eat breakfast at the hotel when we’re out travelling. I really wish to sound like a real travel blogger who likes to explore the local restaurants over the ‘boring’ and safe hotel breakfast. But between you and me, it’s because I always oversleep… I value my sleep. ….  I’m admit it, I’m a sloth.

Our breakfast was eaten and enjoyed at V Lounge. A gorgeous rooftop café, with a breathtaking view, a really good strawberry daiquiri and some decent sandwiches. I was so awed by the sight of the caldera, bathed in sunlight, that I spilled tomatoes on my white flowy dress 🙁


After finishing our breakfast we took a stroll through the narrow stone-paved streets of Fira. Filled to the brim with tiny shops, restaurants, pubs and boutique hotels. And despite it being such a tiny town, it’s easy to get lost for hours in the tiny gift shops, or among the postcard-pretty white buildings and numerous viewing points, perfect for taking selfies or just enjoying the view.