We’re going to Santorini!

In August, we’ll be celebrating our first wedding anniversary! And on that occasion, we wanted to do something special, only the two of us.

Last year was so busy. We had a huge wedding with our family and friends. Two of my best girlfriends got married to their husbands and I helped planning both. For our atypical honeymoon, we ventured off to Asia for almost four weeks. Six countries. And like the explorers we are, we didn’t waste a minute, running around making sure we didn’t miss anything worth seeing. Don’t misunderstand, we loved every minute of it.


However, this year, we wanted something more relaxing and tranquil. A place preferably close to Norway, as we need a break from long haul flights.  A destination where the main goal is to rid ourselves from stress. To move around in a slow pace, and a where it’s totally okay to relax by the pool with a good book. Not a trip where you need a few days off to catch your breath when you get back home.

Our choice fell on Santorini. The picturesque island with it’s white wash houses and blue roofs. A postcard pretty landscape that came about by accident after a volcanic eruption. I’ve always had Santorini high on my bucket list ever since I was youngster. I remember looking at pictures and wishing I one day could see the view of the caldera myself. The only con to my plan of a relaxing holiday, will be all the winding stairs. Luckily, my personal trainer has seemed to grow fond of staircase workouts as of lately, so I consider myself well prepared .